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10–11 June 2022, Tallinn, Estonia

SuperNova Cinema

Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School

Narva mnt 27

Until very recently, the scholarship concentrating on moving images has typically regarded cinema and television as two separate fields of study, each with its own evolutionary biographies, industrial mechanics, institutional spaces, aesthetics and methodologies of inquiry. Even more – the relationship between cinema and television has often been imagined and defined as one of rivalry, running in parallel and engaging in battles over the attention of the audiences. However, the developments witnessed in particular during the era that followed the so-called digital turn, shaped by rapidly intensifying media convergence, are increasingly calling into question the legitimacy of such an academic specialism. Digital technologies, especially coupled with the unprecedented conditions of life brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, continue to transform the way moving images are produced, distributed and consumed, regardless of their ‘disciplinary’ designation. These allegedly new encounters between the two screen territories compel us to revisit their historical trajectories and to perhaps rethink their divergence and disparity.

The 7th Baltic Sea Region Film History Conference will provide a platform for investigating the long and ongoing relationship of film and television of the Baltic Sea countries in the broadest of terms and spatio-temporal perspective.

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