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Intersections of Film and Television in the Baltic Sea Region:

Past and Present

The 7th Baltic Sea Region Film History Conference

10–11 June 2022

Venue: SuperNova Cinema

Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School

Narva mnt 27


Programme | 10 June


9:00 | Registration


9:45 | Welcome

10:00–11:30 | Accessing film heritage: A panel discussion with Thomas Christensen, Dr. Adelheid Heftberger, Mikko Kuutti

Moderated by Eva Näripea

11:30­–12:00 |  Break

12:00 | Zane Balčus, Still/Moving: The Aesthetics of Hercs Franks’ Early Television Documentaries

12:20 | Daira Abolina-Iljesane, The Phenomenon of Television-commissioned Films in the Riga Film Studio (1966–1989): Audiovisual and Narrative Stylistic Techniques

12:40­­ | Elīna Reitere, The Role of Television for Careers of Latvian Film Professionals in the 1990s

13:00­­ | Q & A

Chair: Mikołaj Kunicki


13:30–14:30 | Lunch

14:30 | Anders Marklund, Television’s Presence in the Careers of Guldbagge-Awarded Film Directors

14:50 | Jan Erik Holst, Drama Productions for Screen and Cinema in Norway: The Development from Traditional Television Theatre Produced by the State Channel Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Norsk rikskringkasting, NRK) to Modern Drama Series and Feature Film Production, 1960–2020

15:10­ | Mikołaj Kunicki, Soldiers, Resisters, Collaborators and Misguided Patriots: History Culture, Memory Landscapes and the Representations of World War II in Contemporary Danish Cinema

15:30­­ | Q & A

Chair: Kimmo Laine



Programme | 11 June

11:00­ | Kimmo Laine, Heidi Keinonen and Jaakko Seppälä, Intersecting Histories of Finnish Film and Television from the 1950s to the 1970s

12:00­ | Mia Öhman, Awaken from Death (Kuolleista herännyt, 1975, TV) and Out to Borrow Matches (Tulitikkuja lainaamassa, 1980): Maiju Lassila’s ‘Goryachie Finny’

Chair: Anders Marklund


12­:30­–13:30 | Lunch


13:30­ | Audrius Dambrauskas, From Science Fiction to First Locally Built TV Set: Television in the Republic of Lithuania, 1918–1940

13:50­ | Tomas Vaitelė, West in the Soviet ‘Kingdom of Mirrors’: Simulation of Popular Culture in Soviet Lithuanian Television

14:10 | Riho Västrik, Combining Methods of Fiction Film and Documentary Television: A New Style of Storytelling in Our Artur (Meie Artur, 1968) by Grigori Kromanov and Mati Põldre

14:30­­ | Q & A

Chair: Teet Teinemaa

15:00–15:30 | Break

15:30 | Teet Teinemaa, Improper Nostalgia? Longing for the Early 1990s in the TV Series Bank (Pank, 2018)

15:50 | Ilona Vitkauskaitė, The Construction of Social Reality in Contemporary Lithuanian Popular Films

16:10 | Helga Merits, The Big Fall Between Two Heavy Stools

16:40 | Dirk Hoyer, From The Silence to Dark: The Augmentation of Narrative Complexity in the Conversion from Cinema to Netflix

17:00­­ | Q & A

Chair: Audrius Dambrauskas

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