Dr. Anna Estera Mrozewicz is a scholar in Scandinavian Studies and Associate Professor at the Department of Film, Media and Audiovisual Arts, Adam Mickiewicz University, PoznaƄ. Previously, she pursued post-doctoral studies at the Department of Scandinavian Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen (2010–12). She has published extensively on Danish and Nordic literature and cinema, including Nordic/Eastern European transnational identities and films of Carl Th. Dreyer. She is the author of "Beyond Eastern Noir. Reimagining Russia and Eastern Europe in Nordic Cinemas" (Edinburgh UP, 2018).

"Reimagining Norden’s Eastern Frontier in Nordic Cinemas and TV Series"

Dr. Anna Estera Mrozewicz, Adam Mickiewicz University

Dr. Raisa Sidenova is a lecturer in Film Theory at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. Her research focuses on history and theory of non-fiction film, film history and historiography, cinemas of the Soviet republics, world cinema post-1945, and Russian and Soviet cinema. She’s currently working on her monograph, “Pravda to Vérité: Soviet Documentary between Stalinism and Perestroika,” which is based on her Ph.D. and explores how Soviet documentary practice transformed with the changes in the mediascape, Soviet film industry and the public sphere from the end of World War II to the Gorbachev reforms of the late 1980s. Raisa holds a Ph.D. in Film and Media Studies and Slavic Languages and Literatures from Yale University.

“What is Soviet Poetic Documentary?”

Dr. Raisa Sidenova, Newcastle University