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Ewa Mazierska, Professor for Contemporary at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Central Lancashire (UK)

Mazierska published over thirty monographs and edited collections on film and popular music. They include Popular Viennese Electronic Music, 1990-2015: A Cultural History (Routledge: 2019) and Poland Daily: Economy, Work, Consumption and Social Class in Polish Cinema (Berghahn, 2017). Mazierska's work was translated into over twenty languages. She is principal editor of Routledge journal, Studies in Eastern European Cinema.

Jörg Schweinitz, Professor of Film Theory and Film History in the Department of Cinema Studies at the University of Zurich (Switzerland)

Schweinitz's research interests and projects focusses on the history of film theory and criticism, on the history of stereotyped cinematic forms, including genre, and on the pictorial dimension in early cinema,. His publications in English include: Film and Stereotype: A Challenge for Cinema and Theory(New York: Columbia UP 2011). See for more:

Yuri Tsivian, William Colvin Emeritus Professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of Chicago (USA)

Ph.D., St. Petersburg State University (formerly Leningrad State University).

Research Interests: History of film and film styles; film and Russian/Soviet art; filmmakers Dziga Vertov; Sergei Eisenstein; old versus new media; gesture and performance; film editing - history, theory and practice.




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